The Private Plastic Surgery Clinic “Med Cosmetic” is a reputable medical centre with more than twenty years of experience in plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine. The clinic has excellent medical staff offering superb treatment with the use of state-of-the-art equipment. The doctors are known for their individual approach to patients, expert knowledge and high level of professional responsibility.

 Youth, health and beauty are the features, which have always been valued and rated highly by people. These days we’re all living longer healthier lives- so it’s little surprise that we want to look fabulous doing it. Looking youthful has never been more important. In recent years, society’s attitude towards ageing has changed drastically and none of us has escaped the consequences. Persons who are well groomed, relaxed, who are slender have a greater chance to find a more attractive job,  to widen a circle of their friends or to have a success
in a personal life. A removal or just a correction of a congenital defect  or an acquired  one is sometimes  only what you need to  increase your  self-esteem, to  eliminate complexes and to  enlarge  scopes of your posibilities. All over the world the aesthetic surgery develops very dynamically and has more and more to offer to a wider circle 
of clients. I invite you to the Clinic, where by individual approach to each patient,
we offer the most modern solutions concerning plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine.
The measure of our success is the patient’s satisfaction.


Face looking young

We offer a range of of non-invasive skin treatments  and injectable wrinkle













treatments that can significantly reduce wrinkles, smooth lines, and restore firmness.

Fine breast

Many women today are
unhappy with the size or
shape of their breasts.
We specialize in all forms
of breast augmentation,
breast lifts and breast



A strict diet and regular exercises are not always enough to eliminate pockets of fat from the body's problem areas. We propose body contouring procedures, including a liposuction that leave body trimmer and more sculpted.